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About The Ferm

The Ferm Brinery & Bakehouse is a fermented foods project created by me, Jacob. I grew up loving sourdough bread and my grammy's kosher dill pickles. Ever since I was a kid I gravitated towards savory foods and if it was sour, even more so.


Remembering back to my childhood, while my mother prepared dinner I would appear at the kitchen table producing my “science experiments”, an excuse for me to throw everything I could find into a bowl and mix it into a magic “potion”.

That experimental approach to food has culminated into an ever growing collection of ideas, formulas, and techniques which have spanned a lifetime. 

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Country Bread Cut

Hearth Baked Whole Grain Breads

All of our breads are made with at least 50% freshly milled whole grains from levain to loaf. Biodiversity in grain is important to us. We strive to include at least two varieties of grain in each loaf. 

By utilizing a young levain we minimize acidity in our breads to provide a delicate balance of sour, sweet, and umami flavors. 

Our process starts with a simple combination of flour and water and ends in a delicious, healthy, crusty loaf. Some call it sourdough some call it levain bread. Either way we're sure you'll find a variety you enjoy. 

Craft Roasted Coffee

Our coffee is painstakingly selected and roasted to showcase the best flavors each bean has to offer. You will find a variety of origins roasted to varying degrees to please every palette. 

Roasted to order in small batches, our approach is all about freshness and flavor.

Whole Wheat Berries in Mill

Stone Milled Flour

Nutrition and flavor are key factors in all of our foods which is why we mill our flour fresh every day. 

Whether baked in a loaf of bread or used to feed levain, our freshly milled flours add an extra boost to fermentation due to the natural yeasts present on the grain. All of the flours we use to make our breads are available to order in the shop.